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In the Beginning:

The pond was done in 3 steps.. 

the reasons were mostly financial, but it worked out well.

This is the 'sort of' cleared and messy back yard 5/2000...

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Phase I:  The clearing of the land: 

4/02 The 1st phase was pretty much to clear out the pond area.. and the surrounding yard to the left of the pond....

The trees were cut the stumps were shaken of any good root loam and buried.  

The general shape of the pond was made.   The root & loam was piled

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Phase II: Digging the pond

Prior to the start phase II, the pond shape needed to be pumped out..  Water had accumulated there.    In the  2nd phase,  05/02   The pond was dug...  It was pretty much a big hole  6-8' deep, The soil is clay which is great for holding water.... 

the good loam from the pond was piled up and the clay was used to level off the rest of the yard. 

The pond dug, was in wetland and a natural low wet spot.. so the pond filled up without any problem..  The excavator noted seeing 2 springs with water bubbling up as he dug..  

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The loam was piled and the clay  was spread over the left part of the back yard and left to dry out. 


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Phase III: Finishing touches:

06/03 In phase III, the yard loam was spread, Guy, spread the loam and was able to cover mostly of the surrounding pond and newly cleared yard with the root loam...

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The lawn was leveled off nicely by Guy, but the root loam was very sticky.. The area was about 200 * 300 feet, it would have taken me a year to pull all the roots and sticks out of the newly cleared area.. I could have used a yark rake.. but I picked the pure lazy way... i went with 100 yards of screened loam from Guy to put over the leveled yard..   


Guy spread the loam, initially he tried to do it with a dozer - per my request, but it was way too wet.. he spread and leveled the loam with his excavator.. Like a master...

I hired Guy's nephew to chase the excavator around and pull any of the few roots that still made it though the root loam covered with guys screen loam..

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Guys magic.. the loam and yard looked like it was done with a dozer... but it was all done with the excavator



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Grass planted...  06/02

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one year, and one tractor later...

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