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Alpo prime slices

1st in points per cost.. but nasty ingredients


Taste Test                    
I taste tested 6 different brands of dog food..                
Alpo Prime Slices                      
Chicken Soup Adult dog formula                    
Wysong Chicken Au Jus                    
Wellness Chicken and sweet potato                  
Old Mother Hubbard Chunky Beef                  
Solid Gold Lamb brown rice barley and carrots                
Brand:     Alpo                  
Label description   Prime Slices                
1st 5 ingredients   Water, Beef, Poulty,Meat by product,Wheat gluten          
% moisture   82.0%                  
Odor     65                
Appearance   70   Looks like thinly sliced sirloin tips in a brown gravy    
Texture     70   great looking & feel          
Eye Appeal   70   looks vdelicious          
Taste     43   bland flavorless          
Average     63.6                
Weight     13.5                
Cost     $0.85                
Average points Per Penny 0.748                
Brand:     Chicken Soup                
Label description   Adult Dog Fomula                
1st 5 ingredients   Chicken, Turkey,Chicken Broth, Duck, Salmon          
% moisture   78.0%                  
Odor     65   smells like tuna          
Appearance   60   looks like ground tuna w/carrots & peas      
Texture     50   ground up          
Eye Appeal   55   not much to look at but carrots & peas helped    
Taste     95   actually tasted good like corned beef hash      
Average     65                
Weight     13.5                
Cost     $1.29                
Average points Per Penny 0.504                
Brand:     Wysong                  
Label description   Chicken Au Jus                
1st 5 ingredients   Chicken, Chicken liver,Chicken heart, Water          
% moisture   78.0%                  
Odor     70   smells like tuna or like the chicken soup      
Appearance   55   like chick soup but no carrots or veggies.. Like pate    
Texture     45   ground up            
Eye Appeal   48   dry            
Taste     40   no flavor at all          
Average     51.6                
Weight     13.5                
Cost     $1.89                
Average points Per Penny 0.273                
Brand:     Wellness                  
Label description   Chicken & Sweet potato              
1st 5 ingredients   Chicken, Chicken Broth,Chicken liver,Ocean Whitefish,ground barley      
% moisture   78.0%                  
Odor     45   smells gross          
Appearance   55   j/l wysong            
Texture     45   j/l wysong            
Eye Appeal   48   j/l wysong            
Taste     42   better than wysong but still gross      
Average     47                
Weight     13.5                
Cost     $1.49                
Average points Per Penny 0.32                
Brand:     Old Mother Hubbard                
Label description   Chunky Beef Formula              
1st 5 ingredients   Beef, Beef Broth,beef by-products,chicken, liver          
% moisture   78.0%                  
Odor     60   smells like beef..  Better than other      
Appearance   50   sticky like ground pate but drier        
Texture     40   sticky  ground up          
Eye Appeal   45   j/l wellness but drier          
Taste     90   almost as good as chicken soup… like corned beef hash  
Average     57                
Weight     13.5                
Cost     $0.95                
Average points Per Penny 0.600                
Brand:     Solid Gold                
Label description   Lamb, Brown Rice, Barley & Carrots            
1st 5 ingredients   Lamb, lamb broth, Lamb liver, Brown rice, Carrots          
% moisture   78.0%                  
Odor     42   smelled nasty          
Appearance   50   gross ground pate          
Texture     40   sticky like pate also          
Eye Appeal   45   like wellness or old mother hubbard sort of like ground beef  
Taste     35   tested worst of all           
Average     42.4                
Weight     13.5                
Cost     $1.79                
Average points Per Penny 0.237                
Prime slices looks the best of all.. It’s the only one that’s not like ground pate but the ingredients were clearly not as good as the others..
definetly best smell was Wysong                  
Best flavor was  chicken soup followed closely by old mother hubbard all the others tasted bland or gross      
all were about 13-14 oz ecxept the alpo that was 22 oz.  But alpo was 82% moisture vs 78 for the others      
as for the best points per penny cost…. Alpo won.. It cost less and looked best but tasted gross…   and had bad ingredients  
Old mother hubbard was the next best…  And it tasted 2nd best overall…              
it was the cheapest besides for alpo, which is indicated by its points per penny value.          
If I were to live off of this stuff… Id go with the chicken soup.. It actuially tasted good…   and was the 3rd best points per penny value… 
Results in order of highest points per penny value:                
1 Alpo   0.741                  
2 Old Mother Hubbard 0.6                  
3 Chicken soup 0.5                  
4 Wellness   0.32                  
5 Wysong   0.273                  
6 Solid Gold 0.237                  
Best Flavor:   points                  
1 Chicken Soup 95                  
2 Old Mother Hubbard 90                  
3 alpo   43                  
4 Wellnes   42                  
5 Wysong   40                  
6 Solid Gold 35                  
Cost     Most Expensive                
1 Wysong   $1.89                  
2 Solid gold   $1.79                  
3 Wellness   $1.49                  
4 Chicken soup $1.29                  
5 Old Mother Hubbard $0.95                  
6 Alpo   $0.85   *              
* The alpo was purchased at walmart so may be a bit more if purchased at a pet store        
all others were purchased at a pet store                
This was all done unscientifically, and the results may be scewed as some brands        
were beef and others chicken and others lamb.. So the taste being subjective may        
have varied by my preference.. Overall.. Most were really gross except Chicken soup and old mother hubbard    





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